Where are the SKINS at?!?!

This game has been out for 2 months and we’ve only gotten 2 skin sets. How is this even possible when other F2P games can come out with tons of skins on release while comprising gameplay… but Losk Ark also comprises gameplay with bugs, we only got 2 skins. It is SO ridiculous.


Yeah, Amazon Games is allergic to money from cosmetic buyers for some reason. I think New World didn’t even get anything new until the Halloween update.

It’s incredible to see a F2P game not add skins two months after launch. Other publishers would be bending over backward to have a popular game with pages of skins already made.


Yea forreal sheesh


I totally agree with you Snares. Honestly I am getting disgusted by how badly amazon is trying to make this a new world 2.0 (trash). On top of the scarcity of skins, the omen skins were REAL MONEY ONLY which totally screwed over the people who are grinding and trading in their gold for crystals. Honestly I don’t know why the roadmap doesn’t have concrete dates either?? It shouldn’t be that hard to have a plan laid out and follow it according to the schedule.

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They thinking about how to make us save money and not leting us spend :slight_smile:

I only bought money on the game once and it was for the one of the skins and i am not thinking about using money beside skins or mounts so yeah its money the can get easy but choose not to


You’re wrong.


Seriously, I have all these royal crystals I refilled from the last skin purchase and I have yet to spend them because there’s no good skins for blade. Korea has hundreds of skins and the only excuse they got is “Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them” and they are “releasing skins at a faster rate than they originally came out in Korea.” They cappin.

Release summer skins pls.


@Sickomode As an ally, I agree with your impactful message. bring the summer skins pls.

They ll make more money in the long run by delaying skin and class releases, thats why they do this, stop asking about it every day and use your brains.

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New World would like to have a word with you.

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Let’s make more money by not releasing skins for players to purchase.

Bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them.

Being serious, I think most of us understand the whole “don’t release 30 new skins all at once or players will only buy a few of them” strategy.

However, by releasing one skin a month, they have already lost a ridiculous amount of money from players that have left the game that would have purchased skins.

I am not suggesting release all the skins at once, but would 3 or 4 skins a month really hurt the bottom line so much that it’s better to slow roll one a month and not release a single one that is popular in KR?

Maybe they have some data to back that up, idk. Maybe it’s the same data that they used to predict that most players would be able to access argos on release too.


Are you kidding me now?

They never cared about the people that left, the people who were so quick to leave would have never spend money in the store anyway, is this so hard to understand?

The enjoyers of the game who stayed this far bought the omen skins for themselves and then bought them many more times to make easy gold on the auction house thats why you could get them as cheap as 2k gold and when AGS will drip the next 1! skin they ll make double and so on and so on, its not rocket science, holding back on skins is actually making them more profit.

imagine not adding them when the game had 1.2 mil players…i guess they are waiting for even more players to leave now so they dont make too much money


I can tell by the way you type, you do not have a degree.

Please kindly stop making forum posts and ruining my educated female eyes.

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Because they want to release the skins for every class and some sets don’t have a skin for the classes we have. They explained that a lot of times already. That is ofc kinda their problem for not releasing every class. But it’s understandable since some classes are getting reworked and stuff. It’s still just a huge mess.

I can understand the difficulty in that situation but I still want more skins. They should just give us what they have and release the missing skins for some classes as soon as they are ready. People will complain no matter what so it’s whatever. At least we have something.

One skin per Roadmap. Working as intended.

Am i the only one who want to troll ppl on valtan showing Zerker summer skin?

Like you know using those perfect spots for the transitions

So to solve this problem they have held off on releasing more skins and instead chose to release the omen skin, and class specific skins.

Class specific skins?!?

But the reason they’re slow rolling skins so all classes available can use the ones they release, so they release class specific skins in the shop, (gunslinger, sorc, striker)?

Idk maybe they have metrics that show that one skin a month will be bought several times by players but at 3 skins a month, players will only buy one or two.

Seeing “lack of skins” as one of the most repeated complaints on the forums right now I don’t know if that’s the best strategy.

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