Where ark pass?

Wasn’t it like, at least what I heard, that every other region (kr jap ru) gets 3 ark passes a year? We are above 6 month in the game and only got 1? Don’t u guys like my money? Let me pay u God damn.

After server merges

Dude, The first pass came out like 2 mo after launch and ran for roughly 2-3mo. Its expected with the september update. Other regions get about twice a year.

Perfekt thx mate. I used the search function and couldn’t find anything, mb I guess

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Normally, in RU for example, u get every 4 month 1 ark pass which lasts 3 month. So u have 1 month downtime per ark pass. Didn’t knew they want to give us after server merge. I like there reasoning so all Gucci

np np homie glad to help