Where did I see this skin?

Somewhere in the game, I saw that you could buy certain skins, and that you could buy the outfit Cals wears if you get Trusted with him. I’ve been working on rapport with him, but I can’t remember where I saw that. It’s not one of his regular rapport rewards, it was someplace that displayed a list of outfits you could buy, and his was one. And it wasn’t the rapport exchange vendor. It was a graphic display.

Any ideas where I saw that?


wardrobe in your stronghold maybe?

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Are you by chance thinking of the stronghold wardrobe for NPCs you have high rapport with?

It’s the wardrobe button after management and placement.

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That was it! Thank you Suda and Bubbly!

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Just fyi there for the npcs not your char you cant wear them its for decorating them why you got them placed in your stronghold