Where did my skin go Please?

I used the ctrl and right-click to view more info in my inventory… But it disappeared.
Where has it gone?
And can I retrieve it?

This is stupid… I paid a lot of money for it to just go ‘poooof’ into thin air.

@Roxx … Please help
Character name…Lotusdenoir (alt)… (Main character name is Kandykane)
US West Valtan server

Please… someone help.

I used the ctrl and right-click button to see more info. The skin was in her inventory. It disappeared straight away.
It was the chestpiece for the Alar Skinset…

Please… return this item to me. Or explain how to retrieve it.

Look at your Pet Inventory. It is Ctrl + Left Click. Maybe you misclicked it.

But its not in my pet inventory.

This is what is in both my and my pets inventory…

You can see that the skin is missing…

It was the chestpiece from this skin

It is supposed to look like this…

The Pet Inventory is this:

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Aaaahhhh… Thank you.

I was about to throw my Harp in…lol
(she is a Bard)

:cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom:

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Hahahaha, you’re welcome! Glad it worked out! :grin:

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