Where do my drops go? Plenty players may not noticed this bug

I finished and harvested the soul of Deskaluda today. It was said by the system that a pair of Radiant Destroyer Earrings was bound to me. But I did not see it in my bag. I think this is a serious bug that may have happened to many players already. Because just on me, this is the second time. The last time I dismantled the rest stuff from harvesting too quickly and forgot to screenshot it.
Btw, the pair of earrings shown in the pic below is called Radiant Inquirer Earrings, which I acquired 2 days ago.

Did you check your pet inventory?

Is Auto Dismantle on? Apparently there is issues with that right now.

It can’t be in the pet inventory. The drops won’t go to the pet inventory before I fill up my own inventory.

Yes, the auto dismantle is on. And this is my setting.

There have been reported issues with the auto dismantle function. I’ve passed this over to the team.

I’m not sure of the exact details of the auto dismantle bug, but I saw a video.

You have Domination/Endurance/Expertise selected to dismantle REGARDLESS of rank, tier, or quality. It overrides all your other settings. You necklace had one of the stats and auto dismantled.

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So we better turn off the auto dismantle function recently, right? Thank you.

Thank you, this may help me understand how it might happen. I will turn off that function and see if it will be solved. The thing is this bug happens randomly, it does not always dismantle the accessories with the combat status I marked.

Let us know if that helps resolve the issue, might help the Dev team fix the bugs!

Since I turn off the auto dismantle function, this problem has not shown up again yet. @OminousOnion Hope the dev team could fix it asap and let us know.

Lost two relic acc and relic stone to this after reset. Never have I auto dismantled relic gear and it was set to legendary when this happened. I have turned it off because if its just dismantling the wrong items it could be doing anything with items I have set to nto dismantle.