Where do you find the entrance to this map? "a Strange map" (doesn't say the area)

If you wondered where to find this secret. This map was moulding inside my storage for some time now.

I did a scan about this one: (Spoilers after this picture)


The solution wasn’t obvious:

  • Go back to old North Vern
  • Area: Port Korna
  • Zone: Ruined Port
  • Then you will get details at this position (see red symbol)

Thank you in advance for reading. And I wish you lots of fun in this map and hopefully when having tried to discover it, too.

But now, you can go ahead and get yourself some final salvation.
(one more space (1x1) in your storage and new loot) :clown_face:


Its just start of looooooong quest.

Have fun. This is the best quest chain. I seriously laughed and gasp when playing it.


Is it the one about game devs?

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This was a fun questline
And most quests were VERY generic and boring in this game
Wish they had more like these
By the end you had to help Armen back up, and I said to my friend, to which I streamed this questline on discord, that I’d want to throw him down, and right after it fucking happened.
Made me laugh really good 10/10

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Same here, the quest was fun. Its long, but that doesn’t matter, the reward was great, too