Where do you guys find the builds?

Do you guys know where to find good meta builds? I have a gunlancer and not sure what is better if blue or red and where to look at a build for it.

Same with artillerist, I know it got reworked so I do not want to waste resources and then a patch comes where nothing I spent on is useful anymore


but it doesnt tell if red or blue is better as of now or in Korea



There are some posts in naver and inven where they try to argue one side or the other but in general Loawa is going to show more Red than Blue just because of the kind of content they have.

In general burst is stronger for most of the content and becomes even better as you start to outgear the content. Blue GL has one of the most stable DPS in the game but the actual damage isn’t that high. They get all of their damage from the fact that they can basically have near 100% uptime compared to other classes but that will start to be a hinderance the higher in ilvl we get.

For our ilvl tho they are both fine. You’ll likely hit more mvps with red than blue but if you ask anyone with a meter then they’ll say it doesn’t really matter as long as you play it well and have the right tripods to play the CD Leap version of blue.

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Ok thank you, since it is an alt based on your response, I think I will go for the cheapest option since both seem viable options

A guide can’t teach you which class or build you’ll enjoy more.

Everything is viable.

discord or Ioawa

yeah I went with that narrative until I discovered wardancer early game, arcanist early game and having on the same roster scrapper and deathblade. Two different worlds, arcanist and wardancer gameplays are nice but hard to enjoy when you use other classes that outperform them by miles and miles

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maxroll (awsome entery builds etc), then check yt guides.

Loawa to plan your future.

loawa is where i look at

a tip for when looking at loawa
the top rankers are highest ilvl players
highest ilvl players don’t often know what is best for the class

i’d suggest instead of following 1 specific person to go through like 50 profiles and take notes of the differences between the builds and think if the differences make sense
then decide based on the differences what you want to do

dps paladin for example is very popular on max swift or max crit
but in reality the 50/50 is the way to go since there is an ability that gives you a shitton of movespeed which makes raid captain work
which means you can go grudge/kb/rc/judgement/+ anything you want

if you go max swift you are losing on crit and overcapping movespeed (with negligible atk speed difference and cd reduction that can be ignored with higher lvl gems)
if you go max crit you are slow as sht with basically no dps difference just seeing more yellow numbers (this is because your cds are long as sht and your attack speed is slow as sht meaning that you miss more and wait for longer + raid captain stops being an option)

basically you can just pick 1-2 people to follow until your character reaches 1415
then park him there to generate leapstones and shards while acquiring a feel for the mechanics and skill flow
and then go to loawa again and dig deeper into what your class can use.

I avoid Maxroll like the plague (since release their Artillerist builds have been bad and a couple of other classes are pretty bad too).

You can look at loawa or Inven but sometimes their builds depend on ancient gear + bracelet and might not apply to us fully yet.

I recommend going to the Lost Ark Discord and the appropriate class channel, players there discuss the current state of the classes and most if not all channel maintain a class document with current and future changes and the different builds used by each class.

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blue is better but red is more fun

i think the playstyle of red and blue is so diffrent, that you first should test what make you more happy , and not go for whats the highest dps/ utility

Red defenitely is more dps , but you miss more synergy and survivability from blue which in the end brings more dmg over all cause you can skip a few more mechanics …

also i personally plan on playing both, red and blue with december patch , so you can switch for the better utility whats needed .

its like only hone once , but use 2 diffrent playstyles , so i dont have hone something else as high so gunlancer is cost effective instead of gearing 2 chars you gear one twice


You can change the language in the upper part of the web, next to the search bar.

You can search builds for Level, thats an important feature to understand better the builds, applied to your real level. Taking the 1655 lvl builds is useless.

You can translate the korean names of the sets with google translate app or addon for explorers, or just copying and pasting in a korean translator.

Edit: Free Translate tip:


I found mine for tai scrapper on youtube.

I just change some runes for my convenience and i’m happy with it.
I only play tai scrapper :upside_down_face:

I thnk they had issue actually finding a main artillerist :sweat_smile:

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