Where does everyone hang out?

New player here!
I recently reached level 30 and I feel bad because I haven’t seen anyone playing around. So, I was wondering, is there a place where all the players go, like a city hub or something? I would love to see other players’ cool gear and socialize a bit!

Thanks in advance!

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You’ll see alot ppl in Feiton Inn and North Vern

Also, sailing/stronghold area chat


ah since your lvl 30 you probally wont see alot of ppl for a while, until you get into the 50~60 area’s and get to feiton/punika, north vern useally have some ppl running around the honing npc area but thats about it


Thanks for the reply! Looks like I’ll need to keep leveling!

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You’re not that far mate, prolly need 6-9 hours of questing if you don’t speedrun, maybe less. North Vern Castle is the closest one where you’ll meet a bunch of cool people.

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what server are you? there are always afew people everywhere even in luttera

I am on the Armen server! I had trouble picking the server since they are so many. Hopefully, this one is populated enough!

in the basement of feiton

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At level 30 the best you can do for socializing is probably Open Seas “Area” chat (it’s shared among all of the smaller islands and everyone on their ships), but you don’t have access to most of the places you’d see people’s characters directly until after you hit level 50.

Once you get there, you’ll naturally see people every day on adventure islands if you participate in them. Otherwise most people gather in Punika as a sort of default home base, or Feiton for collecting materials. You’ll definitely see some in Vern Castle as well, which is where you unlock most of the co-op content in the first place.

mostly people hang in a chaos dungeon, raid, or some other instanced content. Sometimes you can see a burnout player in Feiton Wailing Swamp, throwing fireflies for Billy the Sentinel, for the 8th time for the day.

Punika, Nia Village. Rest Area, Chanel 1.

95% or more are in feiton/punika/vern. In the endgame you barely leave the towns so it’s rare to see people there

after im done with leapstone dailies i usually just hang out in feiton around the honing guy. rarely hang out in other places depends on what rapports im working on at that moment in time

North Vern honing spot at the bottom right side of the map

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