Where Fever Time?

Wasn’t there supposed to be another fever time drop today - Sunday June 19? I got the one yesterday and it even previewed the one for today but when I logged in today no icon in the corner. Did I miss it? Did anybody get this today?

i got it today might have missed it i guess

I think you just missed it. I grabbed it earlier today, but as of right now it does seem to have disappeared.

damn lol not even 8pm EST and it’s gone. oh well

Click the right arrow at the bottom of the tab.

Can confirm there was no fever time option available to collect after 8pm est

This is straight from @Roxx 's post regarding Fever Time event. The Fever Time event should still be going until 6 AM EST tonight according to this (which is weird bc 5 AM EST is daily reset). I logged in earlier in the afternoon around 1 PM EST and the Fever Time icon was gone, and still is at 10:53 PM EST.

Also missing the Fever Time icon / rewards for 6/19/2022. It was up earlier today but I had to step away and the icon has vanished before the mentioned time of mooniejune’s post.

It was definitely not available today.

Just more crap from AGS and SG that people who are awake early in the morning get boosted while people who play in regular hours get shafted.