Where has my gold gone?

I went online at 2 pm today and still have 260M gold, why did I come back at night and found that 180W was confiscated by the system? This game is telling me not to continue, is it time to leave this game? I’m so disappointed. I put in this game for 12 hours a day, and it took me 5 months of hard work to get this gold. Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation? Gives me a reason to keep playing this game

Did you sell Royal Crystals or anything through the Auction House to obtain this gold?

He’s trolling 260 million gold lol

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What M and W stand for?

Man and woman

This must be a big fat joke 260Million gold isn’t even possible, even If you’re the luckiest person in LA + the biggest Whale of all.

Big cap mate

Or he doesnt know what “M” stands for. Cuz this “180W” is sus

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