Where is fever time

Continuing the discussion from July Fever Time Event:

EUC no fever time here, any updates @Roxx ??


Also missing Fever Time box in NA East (Azena). Also did not get the box from Sunday last week, although we did receive the box for Saturday.

@Roxx was made aware in another thread, but has given the community 0 update since then, nor have players who were shafted compensated.


second week in a row for NA east

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Please guys try to be more understanding. They were busy with roadmap. You cant do these many things at once . M sure they will fix it in 2 weeks maximum.

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FEVER TIME!!! :heart:

NA East Una, no fever time here either, nor last Sunday.

I feel entitled to fever time today because we were explicitly told it would be there:

Yep very true. we are asking too much of them

ofc you can’t write 6 paragraphs AND do something you’ve done 4 times before properly

Fevertime is in amazons head office after they count the stacks of money from the summer skins

Smol mom n’ pop company, plz understand :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

NA East Avesta missing fever time once again.

Trixion euc also nothing

So instead of fixing nae getting fever time they removed it also from euc. I wonder if the other servers also lost fever time

From what I saw so far the event is missing on NAE/EUC/EUW. DIdn’t see anyone from NAW complaining so far.

of course NAW will have it; thats AGS little baby. they would never treat those servers poorly

Well… I’m far from shooting bullets blindly but must agree it would be super fun if NAW was the only region with event working correctly xD
We still have SA but for some reason the majority of the player base ignores their existence. Is that because they are mostly Portuguese/Spanish speakers?

Valtan gamer here, and I don’t see the Fever Time icon either.

@Roxx @Maselbart @Shadow_Fox any update please? Cant just leave us hanging with no response all day lol

Regulus down two fever times.

Wrong. NAW doesn’t have it.