Where is my crystalline aura?!

Same here
Nick : Lantian
Server : Slen
Steam ID: 76561198813901945

Is back, thanks but would be good if AGS said something about it and they are working on it.

It seems like this aura i bound to the marketplace? Correct me if im wrong, but i lost the aura in EU when the marketplace went into maintenance :melting_face:

So the 3 Days Crystalline Aura I activated yesterday is also gone for some reason

I mean twitch drops are gone too soo yeahh

Hello @deadman8000 !

Welcome to Lost Ark Forums,I am sorry about the Issue with crystalline aura not available,Our Tech team is aware of the situation and working on it.Here is the thread you can follow for updates:

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


This is still occurring to Zinnervale. No crystalline aura for hours. This is seriously costing me silver and research time. 100 euros for this.
Nickname: Eolmer.

Nick: Arwynah
Server: Slen
Steam ID: 76561198394932684
Had activated 30 days crystalline aura 3 days ago from platinum founder pack, worked perfectly until today. Today the crystalline aura effect is not active and not showing up despite having spent hours inside the game. Ingame store also down for maintenance.

Steam ID: 76561199223330109
Character name: Onlydeath
Server: Zinnervale
same thing no crystalline aura for 15 h now and i lost 6 30 days crystalline aura from my product inventory

@shanp Same here - I’m founder - I have bugged aura for 2nd whole day straight, even it is visible as activated in login screen + my bonus unclaimed +3 days to Aura disappeared as well for my account. Same thing with a Shop…
Server: Zinnervale (EU)
Char: Krkonoz

I hope there will be some compensation for affected accounts, because any mentioned workarounds didn’t work as well(relog/switch account/switch channels, etc.).
Sorry, but this is unaceptable. Not gonna mention ~5h waiting queue EVERY DAY wasted on it, too.

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Same for me.
Server: Neria (EU)
Char: Saymon

Missing aura and product inventory items for almost a 1 day right now.
Restartng server / switching channel didn’t help.
Could please someone take a look at my account particularly, as for all of my friends it is coming back after 30 min - 1 hour.

Its been hours for me as well and changing channels etc didn’t work. everything is bugged, Store , product inventory, crystalline aura. Is it even worth waiting hours to play the game… I don’t know at this point. Even if I want to spend my crystals I can’t because the shop isn’t working since the launch day for me. @Roxx @Seawolf

Its been 2 days now since iv lost my Aura + no Vanquisher pack that i bought yesterday, i know they are working on it but we are losing alot of Extra’s that we should be getting, you can forget me buying anything in Lost ark again if there is a small chance that i might not Receive what i payed for.

Name : Kasúmi
Sever : Neria

Add me to the list. After several hours, my aura is still deactivated. It was working fine before today. Having used a paid feature and it not working is not nice, at all. Will the timer be extended? I doubt it.


I spent the last hours in game and i cant activate it.
It isnt in my Storage .
Nickname Lasselond
PLS Help

Hi, I’ve got the same issue - Nickname Pinia Server Neria - activated aura with head start launch and after 11th and the downtime it is gone - please aid in this and I hope you’d extend it for the days that were missing.

Name: Salooma
Server: Neria

It’s been 2 days now without my Crystalline aura and just checked to see that my crystals are gone aswell and store is down. This has been for the past 2 days.

name : lovalova
server : zinnervale

its been full 24hours for me without Aura not a single social media account talked about this issue apperntely they are ignoring us and keeps telling us the team is aware of the issue, how is the team aware of the issue if they didn’t talk about it how would i know? cause you told me? every other issue you announced it in the twitter account and talked about it openly but not this one? sure you knew about it yah…

Steam ID : 76561198119394110
name :Kahzar
Server : Zinnervale

Wait for queue all day long, no aura when connected since 2 days !
Lost access to shop, lost my reward from twitch because I didn’t claimed them but they are not here anymore.
So I just loose my aura and the aura is consummed during this time I guess.

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Steam ID: 76561198108614747
Character name: Endzik
Server: Neria

2 days I don’t have aura on my account and all my crystals have disappeared… and i
lost access to the store, lost my Twitch reward, didn’t claim them, but they’re no longer here.

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