Where is my powerpass

I finished all of Northern Vern and completed Ealyn’s Gift yet I did not receive a powerpass. How can I go about getting this issue resolved?

Hello @Kjowens713, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your game, before we start working on a solution I wanna know if you have done any sort of troubleshooting so I can take that into consideration?

A simple restart might solve the problem too! :dragon_face:

I’ll be waiting!

i have restarted several times . Totally shut down my computer and restarted it. I continued to play the story line to the next area thinking it just needed to catch up. I finished Northern vern Last night. I have looked in my quest log to make sure I completed the quest.

Understood, while I continue to research for a solution please try this:

Please verify the integrity of game with the Steam file verification.

And let me know if that changes anything!


said all files successfully validated. Logging back into the game now to see if it changed anything

That did not resovle the issue

I see, is this the first powerpass you should’ve received in this region?

it is my first power pass in galatur I did get one on a different server does that make a difference> i was told it should not

i received one on Aldebran before I changed server to be with friends

If you received a powerpass in Galatur and received the second one in the mail that means both powerpasses for this region are locked to that server and that’s why you aren’t receiving more. Since it’s a max of 2 per region.


okay i only received one on alderbran which i used on a scrapper. I never received a second one

can they be used on different servers in the same region

Check the mail on the scrapper character and let me know if it shows there.

In regards to this, they can be used in different servers of the same region as long as you haven’t used the first one.

In regards to this, they can be used in different servers of the same region as long as you haven’t used the first one.

Can they though?

Not OP but mine are clearly locked to the server I started on…

EDIT to clarify, I had 1 powerpass & rather than use it I just spend the 600g to knowledge transfer and got a 2nd powerpass, both are server locked though

Once you have received the second one it becomes locked to that server.

This works as long as you haven’t received the second one.

Doesn’t especially bother me as right now I am happy enough on my server even though its quiet…

For argument’s sake & a reason this should probably be raised higher within AGS/Smilegate, my 1st powerpass was server locked, & I haven’t used my 1st powerpass so how have I received a 2nd?

EDIT Here is Roxx saying that you can unlock 2 per region and can be used on any server of that region


Thank you for sharing your concern! :dragon_face: That information is unfortunately outdated, as you can see here:

Roxx then claimed that there was some miscommunication from her previous statement (the one you provided), the one you linked and the issue has been escalated to the dev team, as of right now there hasn’t been any further update.

The current information is as I mentioned before:

  • If you have received 1 power pass but haven’t used it or received the second power pass you can level another level 50 in a different server and get the second power pass there!

  • Anytime you receive a power pass it gets instantly locked into that server. So if you received both then they are locked to that server!

  • You can receive a max of 2 power passes per region!

I hope that clarified the current information!


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This makes more sense to me & I understand now

I was under the impression that you could lvl to 50 and use the powerpass on a different server

You are saying I could level to 50 on #1 gain a powerpass, then level again to 50 on #2 and gain a 2nd powerpass there, this makes much more sense now :muscle:

EDIT: So powerpass are server locked, but you have x2 you can use them on 2 different servers within the same region if you choose that

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Exactly!!! :dragon_face:

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Ok, reading this post, I leveled a character to lvl 50 on a 2nd server, I did all the quests required and I still didnt get my pass? How do I find out why I didnt get it?