Where is our summer event announcement?

Where is the hype marketing for this summer? It’s already June… Where are the skins? Stop putting out bad skins that literally 10% of the population actually likes. How can your marketing team be this clueless @Roxx @Shadow_Fox ??? Summer’s supposed to be huge for LA in KR, so where is our hype? Why would you extend this bad event (chicken island)… it’s worse than the guardian one and the naruni racing one.


Amazons hype marketing= tell nothing and let customers imagine and wonder what could be coming… or not coming


This is one thing I would agree with. Summer is big for Lost Ark, and there is 0 of anything for such thing.

Just face it… our region is treated like trash compared to others… keep playing with low expectations at this point. Nothing will be changed and we will continue being seen as just another paying customer rather than humans who care for the health of the game and community.


No video no pictures nothing for any anticipation,


I can do less.
Amazon hire me

if we even get one probably announcing it 1 day before release as usual.

Delayed to dec 2022. sorry :frowning:
But at least it’s summer in Australia then :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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No cap
Compared to how big Summer is in KR
I would have expected many more skins, especially coomer and meme ones
And a showcase of all the events happening like 2-4 weeks ago

Leaving things to the last minute literally has nobody thinking about it

Imagine there’s a new Batman movie, but the trailer comes out 3 days before its in theaters

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next week

Idk it seems like Amazon only has the AGS developers and the community members like Roxx and shadow fox

They prob have 2 interns be the ones making the road maps and event posts etc

That’s why idk if to this day they removed the cheetah pet or whatever cat it was since it said mount
If it’s fixed, it took them atleast a week to enter photoshop lmao

ags hype marketing consists of,
let players come up with a worst case scenario for next patch, somehow deliver something worse than that.


AGS delayed summer; we get one season every 6 months now based on their climate intelligence.

Bots will be relocated to the empty spaces in our strongholds to work farms to provide extra materials and stronghold energy. They are very efficient and require no upkeep.

Islands are available every hour.

The Procyon compass is finally fixed.


Summer in lost ark generally comes with July updates for all regions. KR will be getting theirs in July, we must likely will follow suite.

Except they already got their announcement so where’s ours!

add one more thing… Loa On was announced and Amazon didn’t even bother to post it! yes it doesn’t concern our region but it’s news for trhe game…
Same as they did not put any info about Loa concert going on that was streamed…
I swear… this bunker communication is sickening

Everything, literally everything they do is far far far better in KR.

We’ll get it at the end of the season :rofl::rofl:

We’ll be wearing bikini during the winter. :cold_face:

I am amazed you have still faith…