Where is Sorc nerf? Hello SG!

Listen me carefully you Sorc main before writing I am bad and I know there are many of you.

(Gunners here refer to GS/Deadeye)

As we all know when before Surge and Zerker nerf they use to be MVP most of the times as the were easy to play and does way more damage than any other class at early tiers. Surge got deserved nerf but Zerkers were way too much as there scaling is not as good as most other classes so they started to fall apart, that class is in ground atm, I never played Zerker class but I can tell as I do 8 Vykas every week with Zerkers and they never get to make on screen, it can’t be all bad players and the reason being because every lobby have 2 Sorc atleast and it is the most OP class in the game and the nerf was too little compared to Surge and Zerkers, Even Saint said that in podcast with Stoopz.
Sorc is a truly ranged class with more eHP than GS, Mayhem and Deadeye. How does that make sense that Mage class is more tanky than Warrior class or even Hunters? and does do way way more damage than without sweat.
Mayhem and Gunners can easily lose damage as they get animation lock and boss moves on with his life, where Sorc have freedom to cancel her skill anytime which makes her even more OP as she can never miss her skills unless you are so bad.

TLDR: Sorc is a Ranged, Hitmaster, can cancel skills anytime, strongest burst damage in game and tankier than Mayhem/Gunners.

I am not a meta Andy, I played GS when she use to be the floor POV and Second main Scrapper
before she got buff and noone knew that class exist.

I am just against Sorc as that class is definitely broken at a peak and don’t forget Igniter scales extremely well as we move more into the end game. Give her deserved nerf, it is not fun to do same damage as Igniter (or less) with other classes after you put insane amount of effort. It is not a skill issue just letting any Sorc mains know.

Edit 1: To anyone telling Sorc damage is high because she don’t have stagger/destro in her kit, lemme tell you Sorc have way too much stagger even more than Mayhem with igniter activated or same without, so go please educate your self before typing comments.

Edit 2: Not being rude but If any toxic Sorc main here to tell me that class is balanced all I do is ignore you and move on, I understand game and have 2800hours and seen multiple guides and have multiple alts at 1460, so don’t try to teach me plz.

Edit 3: I am talking solely talking about Igniter Sorc here, you should know that too and anyone who is commenting that “OP don’t even know diff between reflux or Igniter”, then I will say please save some of ur time and don’t comment on posts , every LA kid knows I am talking about Igniter here.


First time? Mages almost every game I played are busted be it PvP or PvE.


As a Sorc/Artillerist/Gunlancer tri-main, while I agree that Sorcs can be a bit overpowered in some situations, they are not the end-all top DPS. There are situations and bosses where different styles of DPS can shine.

Also, Sorcs are squishy but I get around that by playing Reflux so I can reposition a lot to avoid attacks. There is no situation where my Sorc could survive an attack that my Artillerist or Gunlancer could not unless it was to avoid a mechanic or something requiring a lot of mobility.

When doing these comparisons, be sure to take into account not only ilevel and engravings but also the other player’s gems, tripods, card set, and even quality levels on armor.

He plays a gunslinger now, doesn’t he? “Rock here. Nerf paper, scissors is fine”


What? He plays Sorc and Deadeye as Alt.

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Last time I watched a video from him when he was saying the sorc nerf was “warranted”, right before SG said it was overnerfed and wasn’t warranted, he was on a gunslinger. But I dunno, I don’t watch streamers.

Your logic is because no class can survive wipe mech means Sorc is squishy, Go educate yourself Sorc has more eHP than Mayhem/Gunners.

Mayhem zerker is at the bottom for eHP unless using the card sets like “We’ll meet again”, I agree. However, Sorc is tied at the bottom of eHP just above that with a few other classes. There was a chart somewhere.

take sorc into hellmode and see how tanky it is.

As sorc main (PVE wise) I dont agree in any of this points; also, she has been nerfed already

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You have reading issues my friend, I stated at top of post that Gunners refer to Deadeye/GS because I knew people like you exist but you still missed.

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reasons i think sorc hasn’t been nerfed.

reflux is pretty balanced, maybe even a little below average on damage, and provides very little else to the team having not good synergy, bellow average stagger, low destruction, and mediocre counters. while being pretty squishy (but at least has mobility) but hey if people enjoy the playstyle i don’t mind them playing it.

igniter, while it does more damage than reflux if you land everything it is more conditional and it’s still not the top of the dps charts and still gets out dps’d by a few classes. again though damage is all igniter sorc brings to a fight they have just as bad stagger as reflux. their destruction is a little bit higher but is conditional. they are just as squishy but with 0 mobility making them have basically less survivability than gunslingers if you count mobility into that. they have even worse counters than reflux since they have lower speed than reflux. while imo being the most boring spec in the game.

so prob why its not getting nerfs right now.

my only argue is that she has good stagger and weak points mainly from igniter build, if its piano reflux build then her stagger and destruction is almost non existent and her counter is pretty okay, its a long range counter with decent cast time like i could easily counter deskaluda with almost a full screen range

your only good stagger/weakpoint skills are your main burst abilities which you are supposed to use AFTER the stagger check breaks

Sorc main spotted who don’t want nerf. Ask any kid in LA about most OP class and he can tell “Sorc”, She is way to easy to play for damage she does. Striker and Surge deserve to do the damage they does as it is not easy to land all back attacks and need proper setup.

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well just save ur ignition identity, once you pop ur stagger use it to reset 50% cd of ur spells

I bet the OP is a deadeye/gunslinger main, who never has seen himself in the top4 MVP screen, Likes to tell people how hard their class is to play, and how other classes are, in fact, op.

and then miss the burst window. Idk why even reply to the thread in the first place. braindead topic.


3 replies so far, just get out Sorc main, probably some RMT too with lvl 10 gems?

go do your Yoho