Where is the 10-day login reward skip promised to EUW players?

When the EUW region was opened, AGS said they’d give everyone on that region an extra 10 days skip on the login reward. This was so that transferring players didn’t lose progress and miss out on the 20-day mount. AGS said this would be granted in the next maintenance but it hasn’t happened. Where is it?

  • We understand that players have been collecting daily attendance rewards since launch and we don’t want players migrating to Europe West to miss out, so the last 10 days of daily attendance rewards will be granted automatically to all characters on Europe West with the next maintenance.
  • Europe West players will also see special daily attendance rewards for the first 10 days of the Europe West server launch, in addition to the daily attendance rewards mentioned above.
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have no idea.

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have no idea.

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@Roxx Do you have any information about this?

otherwise it wouldn’t even be possible to get all of the login rewards for this timeframe, with having only 21 Days for 25 Rewards

I’m just playing @ moonkeep/eu west. I received my 500 crystals reward days ago. I just logged in tonight and I saw that the reward I received is no longer in my inventory.
And i saw the reward screen has been changed. There is no longer 500 crystal reward. And spoke support’s live chat and redirected me here.

Character name: Sachem
Server/Region: Moonkeep/Eu west

That’s not what this thread is about. As part of the release of the EUW region, all players on the region would be automatically granted 10 days of login rewards as a ‘catch up’ for giving up the login rewards they’d already earned on EUC. Without these 10 days it will be impossible to actually complete the login reward track for anyone on EUW.

This is not about the recent changes to the bonus login reward campaign.

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I think they implemented it differently. They added 2nd login rewards tab. You get 2 different login rewards from 2 different tabs each day so you could get them all before maintenance at 3th of March. We never started as 10 days of login completed. We also have less days on 1st reward tab instead of 25 days on other regions.

It was stated as it would be 10 days login complete to better reach the 20 days login reward of some mount.

AGS seem to have forgotten this.
Don’t know if the mount is to find at different day in the end.

I am working to get clarity around this bonus and when players will receive it – when I know, you will know


received them just now. thanks

Received the 10 added days on Stonehearth today as well. Thanks!

17 days rewards came thank you for that. But still my 500 crystals are still missing.

Also received it today, like they said from the start.
“At the next maintenance”

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The way i read it we would get it near the end so we could “complete” the calendar. I’m not sure what the rush is, as long as you get it before it ends in 2 weeks what does it matter?

They stated that 10day-bonus right when EU central was made available.
There has been weekly maintenance and bunch of server down times since.

Maybe Roxx poked them and got results.
Or they ran late with the change.

When the “news ticker” on EU central kept saying “login bonus now available on EU West” I thought for long time it would have to refer to the 10day-bonus they had said.
Then it seemed really odd to go West and not have it.
But it was refering to a different login bonus that wasn’t even announced earlier (like the 10days had been).
The 500000silver, 14days aura and 500 gems. (last 2 removed now).

Anyway - nice to hear it is there now.