Where is the challenge in Lost Ark?

I have played this game A LOT. Not hating on it in this post. I have my issues with the disparity between people who get lucky and unlucky in honing leading to different sentiments of the game but that’s been covered so many times.

I am trying to figure out where the challenging content is in this game. I already BARELY played with my friends due to most quitting and the all the others being a different ilvls.

I am doing the daily content for 4 characters a day (which is exhausting). I have two T3 and two T2(another almost to T3). I’ve been putting up with the absurdity of bad luck honing, material shortage, etc.

I would have less of an issue with this if I was at least having fun. But I haven’t done anything challenging except a FEW of the solo tower floors and a two abyss raids(pre nerf) when I was at the minimum ilvl.

I’m not trying to complain, but genuinely curious if there is some sort of challenging content coming? I legitimately feel like I’ve been only cruising along on auto pilot with the only challenge being managing to figure out how to collect materials (turns out it is just by playing a ton of alts doing tons of mundane tasks) and getting boned by 90% fail after an 85% fail. Feels like RNG is the only challenge in the game right now which you have ZERO control over no matter how much time OR effort you put in.

Who has some positive energy to throw at me that tell me fun or challenging things are coming? I’m unfortunately lost at the point of the game and I’m someone who thoroughly enjoys building characters out, but it’s rough when that’s all I can really do. (Side note: please don’t tell me to go mindlessly collect mokoko seeds, I’m like 700 in and bored of it)


legion raid coming in may, but you need ilvl 1415 to start doing them. the reqired ilvl goes higher from there.

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We are currently in tutorial mode. So we can learn the basics of the game. The real game starts soon. I mean, you could let yourself spoilered a bit and search in youtube “Abrelshud Mechanics” … there is the moment, you will probably see that the challenges will come… and I’m pretty sure, close to all of us will fail that.


Fatespire is hard as hell. Dunno what youre talking about. Unless you went in geared at like 1400 with a ton of utility pots.

Finding a functioning party for the second half of abyss is hard too :joy: :rofl:. 1 in 10 succeed it seems like, with most just failing the 1 shot mechanics and disbanding instantly.

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Assuming you’ve not met Velganos yet.

Don’t think, I’ve done everything through 1375 ilvl. But like, it took a ton of game time to get here and my statements stand.

I stated there were some hard levels in the solo towers…

That’s a lot of work to get to some challenging content, although I do look forward to it

You got 1370 to look forward too, where it costs over 80k per alt to get gear acceptable enough so you can use the party finder and not have to join the LFG with all the players who don’t have 80k+ to spend.

velganos at 1385 is a nice fun little fight too

Just make your own groups man. I feel like you just wanna get carried without investing in your character tho

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It costs 20k to run 3/3/3/3 or 8k gold to run 3/3/3 Its been two months, if you don’t have that amount of gold then you have bigger problems then engravings

That’s just an untrue statement man lol. Maybe here and there for certain engravings with certain classes but that is not entirely true across the game. Be realistic and fair…

One piece of gear I would need to do that on my paladin is 5k-10k if I’m lucky. The stones are 1k-4k.

I was able to build a nice 3/3/3/1 for maybe 20k but going to 3/3/3/3 for a paladin is a huge jump if you use actually good engravings.

All you need is a 6/6 rock that matching purple engravings for the rock and to buy some +3 +0 accessories for 3/3/3, please tell me you cant get that for 8k when +3 +0 accessories sell for about 50g each, the rocks are usually 800g each, for 3/3/3/3 you need to start bidding on cheap +3 +3 accessories which bumps the price up

It cost me around 10K to get 3:3:3:1 on my gunslinger which is like one of the most expensive classes. I’m on NA!EST

Hitmaster/grudge/spirit with peacekeeper. Crit/swift

On my server a neck with Crit Swift + Meta stats is 25k

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support gear so expensive it actually sucks for me to try to gear my bard alt lmao
i ended up just grabbing heavy armor and expert and level 1 desperate salvation with no awakening, but i’m doing fine tho

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I am literally playing Bard on Valtan, a +3 +3 accessory goes for 20k and I can still run 3/3/3 with only 10k gold spent. Your not meant to be buying +3 +3 accessories to run 3/3/3

Just get an awakening expert rock at 6/6, equip epic level awakening expert engraving books, then buy heavy armour, desperate salvation accessories that are 1k or less, should get you 3/3/3/2 for a decent price.

it’s not 1370 yet lmao

but even purp support gear are significantly more expensive when i don’t even mind spending a few pheons for them, i lost heavy armor entirely when i got t3 and it was pure pain for like 2 whole weeks i’m legit dying in chaos dungeons