Where is the content trailer?

Hey guys

Where is the content trailer for lost ark? LOST ARK 2차 CBT 트레일러 - YouTube

In the trailer i linked above, It shows events in the world, sea content, islands and so many cool features you guys have not shown…Unless i missed something?

When i try to explain what lost ark is to my friends with videos i have to send this very very outdated but still relevant video.

PLEASE give the new fans and community and amazing content trailer to share with others that do not understand how amazing this game is.

Anyways, looking good so far :slight_smile:


That is a very cool trailer. Showing off all the side activities in the game that aren’t just combat is a great way to catch the interest of more people.

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Problem is that it’s dated and some of the stuff shown in the trailer aren’t even in the game.
Would be nice to get a gameplay/content trailer in English from our official channel.

@Warlord Here are some trailers I’d recommend showing to your friends to get them more excited.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good quality trailers of our own that doesn’t look like cheap Hollywood movie trailers and highlight the actual strengths of the game.


I think you are missing my point, Lost ark NA needs to create a new trailer.

Those are all great trailers i know! But we need an official content trailer!

Oh no, I get your point completely. Especially, since there’s about a month left before launch, hoping to see “more communication” and “advertisement” that they promised. Would love to see some positive hype going and signs of AGS caring about the game.


the smilegate director said in the suprise stream that they will make a final trailer just for the NA/EU version and amazon will release it.