Where is the Happy Hour/Fever time?

It’s July 30 and we have nothing In Game ???
AGS again mistake ? :smiley:


You need to click to redeem it

How do you click on an event that won’t appear?


AGS riddle time!

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this fever event is so often broken.

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U are funny, the event is not even present, complicate to claim the reward :slight_smile:

NAEast didn’t even get the 2nd day the past time or two & received no compensation while other regions were able to claim the 2nd day.

Reasonable compensation being, just mail us the 2nd day?

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Why do you even play in NAEast in the first place? That’s maybe the problem.

In EUC/EUW the fever time is not here too.
The problem is not only NA.

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NA east didnt even get last weeks and now we miss another one. Zero word on what is happening.