Where is the official news about the nerf?

I see tons of threads about it but I haven’t been able to locate the actual notice about it. The last official News on this forum was Feb 20. The last news on the Playlostark website is Feb 17th. I don’t see anything on the Twitter account. Can someone link me the news, please? I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or anything but I’d like to read it from the source. Thanks.

Apparently Roxx posted it in this forum rather than the Official news forum. Not sure why.

I mean you linked it. Until they release the exact values that’s literally it. It’s not that hard of a concept to understand.

I mean. It would have been nice if they released official news…via the “Official News” section of the forums or on the website and not in a thread on the “General Discussion” forum that someone has to scroll two pages to find.

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I was about to post this earlier but guess I will do it anyway:

It is true however that clicking that section does take you to someplace with topics with activity from 8days ago (I think?)

maybe forum is being wierd with this one.