Where is the Patch Note?

why the patch note allways come so late ?! where is the patch note for 26.5?

You know that tomorrow’s patch will only be bugfixes or little things, right?

Don’t expect big updates until the June update. (Probably on 6/16)

what the bug fix?

thats its always been for most regions its usually the day of or day before

Some fixes which lead to a 5h „hotfix“ on weekend

posted 15hours ago

patience is a virtue

This weeks patch will be minor and stop bots for about 2-3 hours. Then ques and poor server performance will return when the swarm of 500,000 bots return.


Hmm, I shall point the op is talking about weekly patch, not the roadmap

I want only to know are they will fix the PvP courage points bug.

Patch note is estimated to be dropping around “lunch time” :joy:

Hmm, well the answer to the ops question is well get the patchnotes when they are released

Who told you that?
Can a CM please confirm @CM


You can’t be making statements like that without any solid proof.

I know you’re trolling but its very possible you’re not because its the forums but if I really have to break it down for you I can if youd like

I’m a human not a troll dude wtf are u smoking?
Break what down? the patch notes? please do

You’re acting like a bot though

Again with the claims… state your sources :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pretty sure this is likely the outcome. More importantly this is supposed to be the week where we do get the roadmap for the next two months hopefully.

Scouter announcement is very soon!