Where is the patch notes? <.< >.>

come on guyz only 2 days left can we get the patch notes atleast 1 week before next time please?


your asking too much :joy:


AGS doesnt even get the patch 1 week before the patch wdym the patch notes xD

This is Smilegate’s fault. They are not releasing patch notes only AFTER the patch. Thats why we are getting the notes only 1 day before the patch.


Expect patch notes 6 hours before the patch not earlier LOL
Are u insane they gonna inform the playerbase what they doin 1 day before patch
U insane KEKW

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Patchnote always coming 12-15 hours before Server reset , its always the same

What makes you think that?
These patch notes/content/patches already exist for like a year in korea.

‘guess time to learn korean just for that’

I’m speaking this from pure speculation but considering they are meeting today with Smilegate and talking about the update I expect the patch notes to be live later today or tomorrow sometime during the day.
Take this with a grain of salt. But let’s be honest what good will it do to you if you know it 2 days before the patch over 1 day before the patch… I personally think it doesn’t make a difference. The only thing it changes is that the forums implode later because people will always find something to complain about without any substantial counter-argument.
Thank you for coming to my TED-talk. Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

I wonder when we get the tripod system, I think we might get it with brel what ya think guys?

Why do you need it?

Tripod system will make a huge impact, for our mains+alts
10/10 better then the current system

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We don’t get the Tripod Update now. Roxx said multiple times in different topics, that she will share the informations as soon as she have them.

How is that? Could you explain to me in detail?

I know that we won’t get it now I even wrote down " I think it comes with brel".
Reading seems difficult huh

Instead of putting the Tripod into your gear you can “learn” it and then put it on your gear + lv 4 tripods are automatticly lv 5 tripods so more dps :stuck_out_tongue:

Same counts for you since roxx or another cm also wrote that they don’t get informations so early and they can only post them when they have them (including the needed time to translate them all).

So your whole topic is useless if you would read the forum.

relax mate.

I was just guessing and thinking about my dream having tripod system in lolz

Tripod system would be awesome

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What? No. The changes are new for our version. They are not sending us old patches.
The content like the skins, class etc is existing but balance changes and other adjustments are different.