Where is the servers!

I came frome job and there is not servers WTF is going on ??? How long I need to wait to play FREE GAMERS that I PAY ??? this is ridiculous 6h update the game !!! an old game which is finished and polished from 4 December 2019 are you there serious???

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Game hasn’t been released yet. So, not old game 2019. Not yet released means it is about to be launched.

All your servers are belong to us



Yes exactly, I come From Factory to Wife and she not Make my Dinner. Сука блять then want Play Lost Ark but NOOOOOO, Even for I not PAY!!! Do not THE servers have FIX FOR??? and I can Not Belioeve…

This looks like OG warcraft cheatcode…
When i click it insta win :rofl:

You’re a true poet. I like how you use your words to express your feelings.

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Game has been fully released in other countries for a couple years, this is just a transfer to global release.

Plis use google mate and write Lost Ark realise and you will see 4 december 2019 in South Korea this is NOT NEW GAME ! so stop talking nonsense because your knowledge about it is zero

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Korean version is running, this is not the same game. Not sure why so many struggle with this point.

This is the same game its only this is different with the patch -.- like i said you don’t know what you say