Where is Theamine server on eu-c?

Theamine should have merged with Procyon but Theamine is not on the list but Procyon is, so where is Theamine

Also Nineveh is gone, yet not Beatrice.

I guess the page isnt updated with the names so all from theamine got merged with procyon and procyon just will get renamed.

They probably have merged them already but forgot to rename them.
Expect critical error and extended maintenance to 24hrs

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Sirius - Sceptrum → Armen.
Thaemine - Procyon → Lazenita.
Nineve - Beatrice ->Evergrace
Brelshaza - Inanna → Ezrebet.

fun how non are fused (at least on server list on site)

Well for each one is missing and one isn’t, so ye could just be a renaming delay.

@Tolled Nineveh (as smaller server) got moved into Beatrice and ingame it already got renamed to Evergrace.
It’s just the Serverstatus page that is not up 2 date about the names.

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EUC is online right now, just as info.


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