Where it went wrong

So i may be alone in this regard but i purchased this game for the plat founders pack and spent a lot in game because i had this impression ive never gotten anywhere else from the players of a different region.

The impression of this mmo respects its players and their time
The impression of this mmo LISTENS to its players and trys its best to do what the community wants
The impression of this mmo and its developers that care.
The impression of this mmo can be f2p friendly

My bubble has finally popped and ill be leaving. This game DOES NOT respect the players or its time. Clearly proved with its lies of faster cadence for classes and skins. They said that classes tie in with skins so think about that guys. They will be releasing BOTH slower and the new skins we see in other regions wont be here for a LONG time. The “help” they give is not for everyone. Jusr t2 players. THEN release TWO LEGION RAIDS BACK TO BACK! YET HOLD CLASSES FOR THE CONTENT…

They said they listened… yet none of our feedback has reached them. Not the classes, skins, honing rates… nothing HELL NOT EVEN THE BUGS WITH THE CLOCK HAVE BE FIXED AND OTHER ISSUES COMPLETELY IGNORED. 10/10

They dont care about the players they care about your wallet. Pushing high ilvl content out yet the classes left behind… why? Well if they give you classes now you wont need to swipe to catch up. They would respect your time and care if they did that.

The community has asked for faster class releases and they say no we will slow it down BUT DONT WORRY WE WILL ADD MORE WAYS TO SPEND MONEY BY GAMBLING LOOT BOXES WHILE WE SUCK THE REST OF YOUR WALLET DRY.

Yeah… im out enjoy getting gutted and drip fed


cool, send your gold

better yet, RMT it off to make some $$ back and hurt ags in the process


Everything you typed was known to some early on but they were mocked, which usually happens to people in this clown world that see the light/ state the truth early on when the popular narrative of something indicates otherwise.

It’s nice to see more are finally starting to see the light, though I hope that if they mocked people earlier on saying the same stuff that they will apologize for it and say they should have listened.

It’s not nice the game is bleeding players just to spite the whiteknights. That ain’t no achievement worth anything