Where patchnotes?

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They barely got to work for the day.

Stop being impatient.


It’s 14:00 server time still people are impatient lol

There still gathering data.


i was just about to do the same thing, i know they are in NA but for most of the world the 20th is almost over

release them at 9am West coast time means at least Europe can see them before bed time


its 11:00 AGS time. Try asking at 14:00 AGS time.

Isn’t AGS time always 1 hour before our time?

where you are but half of the western release are in Europe where its almost 20:00

i dont see why they dont split the difference give the NA/SA servers the info in the morning and at least Europe will get the information before the patch is out


it’s like always people are overhyped for nothing. Ark pass including ONE skin + south vern MSQ only + lance master taht’s it.

have they said they are releasing patch notes at 14:00?

chill guys…

YAYYY!!! More Money (for them) :dollar: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

It might come like a shock to you but theres world outside America too ! It’s 19:00 in EU . (EU=Europe )

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well, going by this and AGS being in the PST timezone and patch notes are always the day before the downtime in the early afternoon. So rough estimation but it will be right around then.

I just hope it includes improvements to the dead zone. Otherwise even with the new class/zone it’s gonna be diffuclt finding motivation to launch the game.

the “dead zone” wont ever change. It’s been there for now 3 regional releases. Just events for materials.

remember that your time is not the only one that exists in the world, in the EU they also have a time…

Yes, but AGS is based in the US. I don’t understand why almost no one in the FF community complains about 4am Live Letters or the timings of anything but everyone in the LA community complains about everything. Just like over in FFXIV, SquareEnix is a Japanese company so they operate on Japanese time and the rest of the world/playerbase just makes do and gets on with it. Meanwhile, over in LA land, “Europe is second class citizens!” Those same people would be saying “Haha, **** you NA” if the company was based in EU and NA got things at odd times.

Grow up and be patient. This playerbase is way too entitled and whiny


So far most of their official communications have happened between 30 minutes from now to 4 hours from now.

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the difference is with FFXIV live letters you are given advance notice of when it will be including the start times - all AGS need to do is say Patch notes will be out at xx:xx time and specify which time zone.

for most people its more the fact that there is no clarity not that its at an “unusual” time