Where to download/buy the official OST?

As mentioned before in: Lost Ark OST. Where to acquire? and OST from Lost ark to Spotify?

It would be really nice to have the game OST available for download or at least on Spotify. I know is available on Youtube, but Youtube usually lowers the quality of sound and video, which is unfortunate.

Here’s the official playlist if anyone is interested:


I hope this helps.

The official website have the list of songs. Edit: it looks like you don’t need to create an account to listen. I think you need an account to download the song.

Or you can try buying the Lost Ark concert album which will soon be available. Korean online market place like G-market might sell it, can’t guarantee.


Pog, thanks!

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Looks like you don’t need to create an account to listen. You’ll need an account to download though. :+1:

Yeah, that’s a shame, It’s still nice though, the difference in the audio quality is noticeable.

Also the new ones are missing for now.

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I assume the new songs will be uploaded to the main website when the physical copy of the songs are released. It has been always like that.