Where to waste my money!?

Hey guys whats the best thing to buy or invest my money in lost ark?

Gold or real money ? If real money hmm I would buy RC and exchange for gold and buy gems for dmg and cooldown. Dont waste rl money to upgrade your eq not worth accordinv to a fact in t3 u have 5-10 % success rate. If f2p gold then honing, buy engravings books, gems, crystiline aura dunno whats more …

Invest it into alts

Yea i mean real money , thanks for your tips.
What is Rc btw?

Royal crystlas.

There are bundles in the cash shop that give blue crystals in exchange for royal crystals (cash).

They are usually worth it. But there is one for 1.100 royal crystal, %100 worth it.

Hermidas ship (skin for boats) definitely amazing purchase.

Aside from that, learn more about mari shop before going ham. You could save a lot of pain in future if you start investing in it now.

Aside from that if you got unlimited budget, then convert crystals to gold and upgrade if you wanna reach the end fast. Not recommended by anyone with common sense to spend thousands.

If you wait until 19th, a new skin might interest you as well. Maybe new events will come too.