Where twitchdrops?

nobody here got his twitchdrops right now and nobody knows why this time.

whould be cool to get any infos about

There were a few posts brought up but I believe they were resolved? I could be wrong but just in case you’ll want to relink through this page they should be able to claim the drop: Twitch Drops | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

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i already figured out to reconnect nothing happends

i got this yesterday but unlike the other drops it doesnt shows up ingame for some reason.

so idk :frowning:

Yeah, you’re correct. But each time I go back to the page, I have to Re-activate the twitch drops, it’s no longer automatic.

Did have same problem as you.After unlinking lost ark and reload/link back it did work for me.

A tip i gave some ppl on twitter that works for me when it doesnt appear on my invertory after claming on twitch
When you get the loot from twitch, search ‘’ Lost Ark twitch’’ on google and acess Lost ark website page that appear, then scroll down, link your twitch and steam if u havent, and if u have
do the same thing and then click Activate
after clicking activate it should take a few minutes and you should get it in game

u dont actually need to search ‘’ Lost Ark Twitch’’ as i already linked for u guys :sweat_smile:

ok thanks guys i just got it by now. idk why but thanks :slight_smile: