Where was this "Deadzone"?

I read alot about this giant tilting deadzone between 1325 and 1370.

I just hit 1370…what exactly was this “deadzone”?

You farm a few mats => honing => 1370.

Is this community so hard crying for this few days of farming?

Some of you guys are strange :smile:


It’s between 1340 and 1370. Greatly depends on your luck with honing.

I think now with 2 events for materials + the books + pvp vendor u get more mats and better uppchance than the people had at the start.

  • now mats are like 80% cheaper.

So people who were in the “deadzone” at the start had a shitty experience cause each failed upgrade was like 2-3k in mats thrown away.

But even then i didnt think it was worth complaining about. Cause it was also the perfect time to sell all the unbound mats and make bank. And now u can get the same mats back for a great discount.

So jeah in the end some people expected to upgrade through the “deadzone” in a few days and were tilted when it didnt happen xD

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