i start 2 week ago. where my power pass devs. accounts cant charge back free powerpass i spend 12 hours get punika and u disable and i play 12 more hour horizontol game and need power pass cuz tier 2 mat inflated BIG need punika pass or pass any thanks

it be disabled for 2 weeks no updates game devs dont care about community only money jeff bezos is rich enough to let me use my punika pass thanks

If I can give any advice to help your situation, it would be to resist the fomo. You have over a month until the next legion raid comes out and there is going to be more waiting before the next one. Like most MMO’s, Lost Ark is a marathon, not a sprint. There is a TON of stuff you can do to set yourself up for success going forward. LAO is designed with alts as a source in income, so I’d love to ask if you have created any alts yet?

To someone who had put a ton of hours into the game, there is a lot to do and a lot to explore. Compared to other SBMM games, expect the same amount of grind for skill to get the rank you want to complete the grind of horizontal + honing level you desire. To be fair (from a game design perspective) if you got to the end content in less than 50 hours, then would it be a game you put time/money into?

If you don’t enjoy the game design of an MMO, that’s completely fair and feel free to play whatever you enjoy! But, there is a sense of satisfaction of completing milestones in this game that keep me coming back day after day. If you haven’t listened to the story, I would encourage you to do a play through without skipping the cutscenes (if campaigning is your thing). If you just want to hone to catch up to your friends, then I’d encourage you to make some alts to help funnel your resources/figure out which class you really want to “main”. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, then don’t feel obligated to accept the grind, because a powerpass isn’t going to take away the grind of this game. But if you commit to it and give the game the time it requires, you might find yourself loving it like I do!

thank you i got power pass

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Glad to hear this issue is resolved, wheremypowerpass.

If you run into any further issues let us know!