Where's my server

huuh ? lol?

Hello @ifoxzeiko,

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In regards to your post, if you are inquiring about missing “server”, recently in the month of September, there were server merges.

Below are the merges for your region: WESTERN EUROPE

Round 1 of Server Merges:

  • Shadespire has been merged into Rethramis
  • Petrania has been merged into Tortoyk
  • Tragon has been merged into Moonkeep
  • Stonehearth has been merged into Punika

Round 2 of Server Merges:

  • Rethramis and Tortoyk have been merged and became Ealyn
  • Moonkeep and Punika have been merged and became Nia

To know more about what changes to expect if your server has been merged, please refer to the following article: Server Merge Details

Official server merges announcement by our Community Manager: Information regarding the upcoming server merges

I hope this helps.
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thanks for your response but im from Brelshaza…

Hello again, @ifoxzeiko.

Brelshaza has also been a part of server merge.

  • Brelshaza and Inanna have been merged and became Ezrebet

For complete list of server merges, you may refer to:

Hope this helps.

Hello again thanks for your informations but that dont actually solve my problem that theres only 2 servers on my screen and as you said theres no “Ezrebet” to select, what can i do? I just re downloaded the game to see if the problem would fix by itself but it seems like nothing changed…

Hey there @ifoxzeiko

It seems to be that the issue is that your game defaulted to the Europe West region, Ezrebet is part of the Europe Central region, try swapping to Europe central and you should be able to log into your roster!


okay but if i go from Europe Central i will play on Europe central servers ?

That’s right, however since you mentioned you were originally from Brelshaza, Europe Central was the region you had your roster on, as Brelshaza was part of the Europe Central region. Currently region transfers are not an option so your roster will always be in the same region as of now.


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but im from Eu west i want to play in EU west is it possible ?

Unfortunately transferring characters from one region to another is not possible at this time since we lack the means to make that kind of data transfer possible, here you can find a recent post regarding this topic where Community Manager Roxx explains it in a bit more detail:


So now I have to play in EU central while I started the game on EU west back in February because my server disappeared for some reason ?

Hi @ifoxzeiko, I have done a little digging and looked for some old information to try and find Brelshaza server in the EU West group.

Sorry but I can not find Brelshaza in EU West but I did find an old post on steam where someone mentions Central Europe Brelshaza server right in the title dating back to 15th April.
LF someone to play with on [Central Europe Brelshaza server] :: Lost Ark General Discussions (steamcommunity.com)

You make be mistaken when you say Brelshaza server was in the West.
I would just try it out as @Fanduh mentions and see if that works for you.

Good Luck :+1:


Is this a joke ? I played on Brelshaza EU West since launch and you tell me the server don’t exist ? Where did I played on then ?

Probably just see what you can recover. If you haven’t gotten far into the game… welp you have it easy due to some events going on. Tons of materials and easy to get to 1415 minimum.

@ifoxzeiko I am not trying to make a joke or to make anyone feel bad but I am just trying to find information about EU West Brelshaza for you that is not on this forum.

I am trying to find some information to back you up about Brelshaza being on EU West but I just can’t find any. I was thinking that there may have been server merges dating back further than what has been mentioned here so far but I can find any info on previous merges either.

I have looked further back on steam. My previous link to a steam post had that steam thread created on 15th April.
I have found an earlier steam post that is dated from 12th Feb which is the release date for Lost Ark on the steam store page.
Server Overview - NA/EU/SA - Launch (9am PT - 12pm ET - 18:00 CET) :: Lost Ark General Discussions (steamcommunity.com)
Sorry but that thread also backs up the community managers in that Brelshaza was a EU Central server.

Anyway putting aside the issue of where Brelshaza was for just a moment can you log into Ezrebet in the EU Central region and are you happy that your chars and gear are there ?
Just try and see …

Eu west region wasnt there at launch it was added after bcs of long que times.

Thank you @Lxare, perhaps that’s where the confusion is.

Maybe @ifoxzeiko has played at or close to launch before the EU West region was added so they actually did start on EU Central but because they are closer to EU West then that is the cause of the confusion.

I still think that they should just follow @MrLee’s advice and give that a go.

Brelshaza is a Eu central server not Eu west, besides if you want to play its better to play on euc

i finished the game i was on the legion raid boss

So how did i access Brelshaza from EU West then ??