Wheres the Patch Notes?

Amazon Games what are you doing? I can only thing of two things you guys are either going to release the update without the patch notes, or the att is going to be ‘delayed’ to 21th, which is even worse 'cause the calendar ends tomorrow. Ok if you guys dont want to spoiler anything or are afraid of the consequences just GIVES us a date, thats it.

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Hell, I don’t even think a date is necessary if they would just communicate that they’re not going to give us dates moving forward. A simple “you won’t know until the day of the patch” would be more than enough for me because at least that way, I’d know what to expect.

With that being said, I’m pretty good at just “going with the flow” and I’m not exactly malding over any of this. I just think they have very clear ways of improving their communication with the community and they’re neglecting to go down those routes because they’re scared of failing. They’re stuck in what’s referred to as “analysis paralysis” and it seems to be damaging their already tarnished reputation even further.

I would love patch notes and a date, but in lieu of that, a direct “fuck you, you’re not getting anything” from them would be perfectly fine, too.

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