Where's the soulfist representation at

i saw that the class is rated at S tier for 3v3s by KR and RU high level players, but i don’t really see any soulfist mains on the top 200 ladder on us west.

is there any differences between KR Soulmaster and NA soulfist that is causing this discrepancy?

also, if any other soulfist pvp players are here, do you guys have any recommendations for korean soulfist pvp youtube videos or streamers that i can learn from?

Probably cause kr ru doesn’t have six thousand paladins in the queue daily

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Check out HesistantAlien on twitch, RU gm soulfist, he’s in like top of EUC now, he’s insane at soulfist

Where did u see its rated s tier? Both tierlists ive seen from GM KR players put it as B for 3v3.

maybe you should stop looking at the 3 years old tierlists. soulfist was good when the game just came out. pretty strong during the time i’ve been playing in korea. not anymore. they are trash tier now (both pve and pvp). they cant compete neither with utility (superarmor, stagger) nor with damage. just look at the most recent reviews and you’ll see that they in the lowest tiers for any kind of content.

Imagine thinking soulfist is trash tier.


Compared to wardancer and striker and scrapper it’s pretty bad. The stun is good though

soulfist is useless in 99% of the playerbase’s hand but it’s the best class in the remaining 1%'s

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soulfist players are waiting for our push immunities or atleast keep paralyzis immunity on our spells.

rn class is useless unless you have decent teammates who can peel for you

pretty sure blinkz, the r1 soulfist gm on ru, doesn’t play soulfist because it sucks.

Very cool design but the class is pretty bad right now.

In PVE you allways feel that you are being carried and PVP if you know your cooldowns is not that bad, but is nowhere near the top tiers.

They do, the real problem at lower ratings is Artillerist vs a team without a support or caster that can disrupt them. Most melee have maybe one ability that can disrupt them. Soul Fist is very good if your team helps.

do you have a screenshot of the top 100 KR?

the top player on USE that has played soulfist in ranked is 11th. his soulfist games are 0-4. that blade has a good win rate though :roll_eyes:

i feel like i am struggling a lot in this aspect right now, when i just started i had a lot of difficulty trading hits with other classes, as i find it usually ends up with me getting hit stunned before my skill hits, or they just somehow ignore the CC on my skills and dash across to cc me while taking my attack, very often this trade puts my skill on cd, and now i can’t really combo my skills together because one is on cooldown,
now that i have a bit more experience with the matchups i know better what skills to expect from which class, and can learn to waste their skills a bit with my mobility.

however, in 3v3s if i juke or dodge 1 opponent’s skills, and then i find the chance to counter attack and start my combo, i often get cc’d right away by their teammates and usually it puts my skills on cooldown, i get ragdolled a little bit then hype 3 starts running out after CC,
at this point i have to run around and do almost nothing other than peeling/cc for teammates during hype cooldown because energy regen/dmg is so low.

thanks, i’ll check it out!.

seems like the consensus is that soulfist can use some love right now, but i’ll probably still practice on it and try to get better first.

but right now queuing on my pally or other alts for 3v3s is a lot more enjoyable. sometimes playing SF and seeing that my team doesnt peel, especially when i am being 2v1’d or after i just use my skills to break them out of cc makes me very frustrated

I have a soulfist, and it was fun in unranked.

Soulfist is a S-tier and takes a long time to master.

its nowhere near S-tier. with armor buffs for sure, but not as she is currently.

I personally think that maxroll.gg is an extremely good source of information that’s accurate 99% of the time. so unless that’s the remaining 1%, soulfist is trash in ranked pvp.

They arent trash. There isnt a HUGE gap in the tier list, even the naming of the tiers hint at that…

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Yeah, that’s why there are 2 Soulfists in top 100, right? because they are not trash, right?. one of which has a 10% higher winrate while playing on his paladin.

wanna know how many paladins are in top 100? 18. I’m sure that’s only because all the paladin players are much better players, right? well, except for the one that has much higher winrate on the paladin compared to his soulfist. purely a coincidence.
deathblades? → 10. ok, also just better players.
demonhunter? → 10. yeah, same story again, better players.

please. lets stop being delusional.