Which are the servers with queues?

I believe SA doesn’t have queues cause dollars and euros are more appealing to botters but does every single server of NA and EU have queues? Or there are ppl who are able to play the game?

we dont have queue in EU
even if we have thousand and thousand of bots everywhere, we dont have any queue since release

Oh so is just NA then? :thinking:

yep, i think they downsized your server idk why

I noticed an increase of BUSY servers on EUC over the past 2 weeks. I believe it will be a question of time until the most popular EUC servers start to have queues…

yep they are coming :frowning:

No, i’m from SA and the game is like a paradise for me without that many bots cause they are more interested in your 1st world money but i was curious to see if it was the whole NA region or just a few servers from the region with those queues

Right now, its middle of the night in most of EU and we already have 4 BUSY servers at EUC…

Nah EU got same amount of bots if not more, They reduced NA server capacities thats why they wait on ques