Which Class should I pick Next?

Hello Peeps.

I am wondering what should be my 6th class. Since we can choose only 6 classes for free and I have a certain idea on which classes I am interested to play, I want to know other people’s opinion on them.

I have 5 classes right now: 1.Glaivier (main), 2.Paladin, 3.Deathblade, 4.Gunslinger and 5.Bard.

And I was wondering what would be the best pick as 6th between: Sorceress, Artillerist, Scrapper and Zerker or Gunlancer.

I care about which one would be most fun, not the meta. But one that even if not a meta class, would be fun with a good dps or utility in any dungeon.



how do i know its the best pick?

it wasn’t one of your options

eo soulfist.
if not soulfist, then emperor arcana.

All classes you play are pretty fast paced. If you want to try something different Go for a destroyer. He has good dps, super high stagger and destruction, which makes him wanted in any group.
Easy to play, nice alt which clears any content without losing health, but If you want to master him it can be very challenging.

Other alternative would be gunlancer here. Their playstyles are somewhat similar

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i would say watch videos of class gameplay and then pick the one that looks the most fun to you. from the ones you listed, scrapper probably plays the most similarly to your existing roster and zerker/gunlancer gameplay is wildly different. make sure to try out different builds in trixion during class select (you can always make a new roster on an alternate server for this) and just pick what you like.

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Have you looked in to classes that aren’t yet available and if you might enjoy them when they release in the future?


You should play artist. It can be your sixth character starting next year.

For what you’re describing Shadowhunter seems to be it or wait a few months and play Scouter.

Definitely Aeromancer.


I cannot recommend soulfist…

They do not have any satisfying intense BOOM sound effect skills outside their spirit bomb awakening making it very unsatisfying to play.

That’s on top of managing their hype meter and utilizing their attack buffs properly with their skills on top of those 2. Lots of quick thinking and management not ideal for many people imo.

the class will simply not appeal to a lot of ppl.

I would say


are just not going to appeal to many people and should be picked with caution

Thats because youre playing robust. The hardest thing about playing soulfist is pretending to enjoy robust spirit.

nope I play energy overflow

i know its fun but I’m simply saying it takes a bit to learn and truly understand/enjoy it for what it is and will not appeal to people as it did not to me originally but I started to slowly enjoy it cause I have no other choice.

Thanks so much for your recommendations. I saw a some good suggestions from you guys here and I am very greatful. I see a lot of people playing Destroyer on twitch, specially some people from korea, all of them seem really enjoy the class, I think I will try it on trixion and see how I feel about him.

I also want to thanks @incertia and @thebeard. Those are also good ideas. Scrapper, when I ask about which one should I make is always the most suggested in game or twitch chats, reason why I mentioned this one on my thread. And I could probably take this recommendation of making another rooster in another server to know how it feels like.

I haven’t checked any of the new classes yet. I saw arcane gameplay and it reminded me of Warlock in blade & soul and I didn’t feel like trying this one, but the ones who will still be released I think I will probably only try in the future, maybe in a different rooster as suggested by inertia when they come out. Thanks, guys.

I will give a try to 2 of the suggested and see how I feel about them.