Which EU Central server is the best for English-speaking casual players in Lost Ark? (mostly casual PVE Clans, short waiting time, decent community, etc.)

Hello everybody,

I’m a bit confused about the server situation in this game. I’m looking for a mostly international server, where there are a some bigger casual clans.
I don’t really have any problem playing with other nationalities, but because I can only speak English and my mother togue I don’t want to end up on a server where 70% of the players use their native language.
I’m also looking for a place, which is not hardcore PVP or PVE oriented.
Also becuase of my location I’d prefer EU Central server group.
Sorry if this question was asked on the forum already!
Thanks in advance!

On EU Central there are no servers that you describe. Sorry to disappoint but that is the state of play on EU Central for the foreseeable future.

Slen is pretty good. 70% english in chat all the time