Which faction do you think will burn the forum down?

If we assume that only one class is going to be released from which fanbase do you expect mass threads of disappointiment?

The June/July roadmap

I think the most obnoxious right now are Scouter lovers. But I also think Scouter is the most likely class to be released next, so probably the Summoner people since it’s a class supposed to be in the game since release.


Doesnt matter, but I’m here to watch it all happen


Everyone, I’d be mad too if my class is going to take even longer to come.


I stopped playing a week ago yet come to the forum for entertainment. I say reaper lovers has been too quiet. I bet they are next to go unhindged


I don’t think so. Reapers have always just posted in their thread and haven’t spammed these forums. Right now scouters are doing their best at being worst than artist fans.


But dont you think the reaper mains will follow suit byt harder if they dont get released? I mean artist mains should keep a cool head as roxx said expect last but not promised last And if scouter isnt announced they will just quit. So money on reaper

while saying “faster class release” i admit i would love to see 3 class in june/july (giving hope for 2 class in august)
and missing class being artist + scouter

then… i would take popcorn and count points !

(and only few artist are spamming, so does for scouter… many on both class are also disappointed by this spam… )

I don’t think so tbh. Artists have known for what? Weeks now? That their class won’t come, yet keep making stupid "only way to fix the support issue is to release artist " threads every other day.

We’ll see I guess, but reaper “mains” seem pretty chill and tame. They’re not expecting anything.


Not everyone making those threads is an artist main

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Any and all people bitching for their class are going to riot when their class isn’t picked. It isn’t a matter of who’s going to cause the biggest shit storm.
We only have two main contenders to really pick from and that’s Artists, and Scouters.
The others, like Reaper and Summoner seem to be fairly tame in the threads.



Honestly idk what gets released next but I will enjoy watching the forums burn


We will need a lot of thinner to clean all the artist tears


I’m not a fan of them either for the way they spam this forum, but you need to cut this out. Enough with attacking them over liking a class.

scouter no doubt for sure IMO.

In a game where you play alts more than half the time what is a main anyway?

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Scouters. I don’t think artist mains expect to have the class released next month. You’d have to have some pretty insane hopium to think that.

Kind of fucked up to call a large percentage of KR players pedos.

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Another topic about to be deleted once mods come online. Leaving my comment for archives as usual.

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