Which key do I press to clip through objects?

On the lower level areas, it feels like I’m the only one actually walking along the paths on the map, while everyone else around me just seems to cut corners and clip through the forest, the fences, water, even going completely off the map?

Feels like a game from the 90s. I’m surprised people haven’t been able to directly hex edit their gold or crystals.

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These cheating “players” are Bots, not human players. So yeah in the low level areas there are way more bots then real players.

you can use the “any key”

I was told they aren’t actually taking those paths, they are just moving so quickly that your game can’t register it and shows them clipping through things like this.
I mean that could be totally wrong and they could be genuinely just clipping…seems like “easy anti cheat” just means it’s easy to cheat it lol

Don’t you know fences and walls only for players. Any other bots allowed to move everywhere