Which set of cards is better?

Is the Light of Salvation set with 12 piece awakaning better than Lostwind Cliff set 12 piece awakaning?


Last I read LoS is still the best and most chased deck (may vary on class). But I could be mistaken.

I see al guides have it but when is full, not sure if it is better at 12 awakaning stage

Ah gotcha. Gut instinct would tell me the damage conversion to holy would be better. But there could be some variables about your class that could lean the other way.

You can take cliff set till u have have 18 los,
The holy dmg doesnt help u at all if the enemey is not weak to holy, so its more worth to take the 7% crit.
But you can take los for vykas g2+3 because she is weak to holy = 10% more dmg

It’s just because we engage the content where it’s important to have LoS.

Overall i would say the crit set, in raids definitly LoS if it’s filled up.

I could totally see that then. I was probably thinking the short-term damage and not overall.

LoS12 is better against gate 2 and gate 3 vykas (and brel gate 4, and 2 guardians). but LWC12 is better in everything else.

LoS18 is when the set really takes off and becomes great all around.

Use Salvation 12 for Yoho, Velganos and Vykas Gate 2&3,
else Lostwind 12 until you get Salvation 18