Which task to cull to help cut back play time?

I’ve decided to cut back on my Lost ark play time and wish to know the best tasks to cut out. I’m wondering which is most time drain for little return. Any thoughts?


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would need a list of what you spend your time in game doing and then it would be possible to evaluate what kind of tasks you could be cutting down on to cut game time

i currently do everything. 3 una tasks, guild tasks, daily chaos and guardian every time it has a bonus, 3 weekly, argos on 4, about to try 2 characters for clown, all weekly guardian and dungeons, stronghold every 8 , 12 and 4 hr run. currently 50-60hrs a week.

what does your roster look like?

1385 artillerist, 1415(next one to be pushed to 1445) zerk, 1445 SH (parked), 1460 Striker (2nd one to be pushed to 1475), 1475 Blue GL, 1480 DH both parked. Last 3 are my favourite to play.

50 / 7 = 7 hr a day , that is a day. To really cut to a reasonable amount of say 2 hr a day, you have to cut 70%, this sucky game design just is not designed for f2p casuals. That is why I saving you the pain for cutting 70% and just go 100% and uninstall

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NO one said I want to cut down to 2hrs a day. 4-5hrs a day is fine. your uninstall idea is not helping especially since its off topic. Unless you are here to give feedback on the specific things to cut back on, then i suggest you leave please.

I was going to write long paragraphs but I can see that you can cut down on artillerist dungeons (chaos, guardian raids) as time spent for the reward is not great

buy p3 busses for 1k gold (if they ever hit that price or if they go lower, even better) because you will end up net profitting materials except for gold
join free oreha carries for easy gold and faster run than an average 1370 group

you can cut stronghold down if you have 1460 honing buff already (or just do every 12 or 24 hours every day)

I started some those cut backs on the arti, but will implement the rest of your ideas.

Wondering if I should cut back on daily una on all 6 characters? Or just cut back on activities on all una / chaos and guardian on my arti , sh and zerker (bottom 3 liked ).

Honestly best bet would be to put everyone on alternating rested (Una, Chaos and Guardian)

What I mean is having them save in a pattern where you only do 1 to 2 fully rested characters per day

So to start (if you wanna include everyone), do all unas, chaos and guardians on four characters, don’t for the other two

Next day, do all tasks on two out of those four you did for the previous day (should have no rest bonus), save the other two and your two that have 20 rest bonus (30 for Una)

By the third day, your first two characters will be fully rested for the day (40, 60 for Unas), so do dailies on those two characters and just repeat every day with whomever is rested at 40/60

It saves a bunch of time plus I think the rewards you get are generally better in Chaos and Guardians with rested (you get less but the quality of items is better)

And if you don’t wanna play a certain character then cut a group from 2 to 1, make it even easier

I know this method has helped save my sanity, and I only have 5 characters

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You can exit chaos dungeons after killing the boss enemy in gate 2.

Thats an interesting idea. Does the mob after g2 give much less items?

Gate 3 Kakul Saydon. Such a waste of time if you don’t have a static group

Just do Unas/Guild task/Weekly/Chaos DG

Guardian raid arent even comparable to Chaos DG, Chaos got bigger income on everything.

Only if you dont need as much honor shards, stones are easily bought and g3 give slightly more than g1. G2 gives the most nad most importantly tickets

I would do Chaos, guardians and lopang on rested for now. Only chaos gates, field boss and gold islands and only do valtan/vykas/kakul on Main and highest alts depending on how much time you have or wanna invest :+1:

i’ve been doing valtan / vykass on 4 characters and my zerk can do valtan and soon vykass too. Isnt the gold worth doing them on my 4 alts?

It sure is. If you find the time it is definitely worth it to do these.

thanks all. i have a fair idea what to cull now.