Which year you gonna fix Honning +15 to +16 bug?

i havent seen any update for the pass 12hrs or so about this issue.

i know its friday but pls fix this b4 weekends so we can push for valtan.

i dont know why u have a problem with honing system there is no changes that happen on honing still the same RNG why there is only a bug on express pass user not the others are u trying to slow their progress are you reducing the percentage so u can try to get more money from players. sorry im really mad coz i need to hone my +12 to +15 instead of doing the easy way to +15 - 17.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox pls give me update thank you!


I went to bed last night content with the idea that they would have this fixed by today, but they really haven’t gotten around to fixing something as game-breaking as this immediately. Awful. Plain awful.


Was really hoping for this fix today, but I guess I must keep my character on rested :man_in_manual_wheelchair:


Upgraded another item to +15, same thing happened. Character is hardstuck I guess.

Smilegate still have to fix this. It will take 2-3days like usual, depends on the complexitiy of the problem, with downtime probably. Like usual, crazy I know.

They could almost instantly add a hotfix to let people who want to opt out of the Super Express Event while they find the permanent fix. I’m certain there are plenty of people who don’t care for the lower rewards anymore, or have already finished the event that this would assist. Anyone who wants to continue the event isn’t being affected by this anyways.

As long as they fix it before the end of the week I’ll be content, but having my rested aura of resonance overflow is pretty frustrating.

im really mad about this tbh im pretty sure they will just say “our team is working on it sorry for the inconvinience” and for us move on no date no time just wait untill they update it.

i know this will take to long bcoz maybe they want us to pitty more so we need to force swipe 3 of my gears already pitty from +12 - +14 and 1 +14 to +15 really painful trying to reach 1415 for valtan. i know im unlucky but if i pitty to +15 - +16 and +16 to 17 its fine rather than pitty on +12 - +13 to +14.

I hope they fix it asap i feels like their making me mad so i will rage hone well its happening so i need to swipe.

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My +16 Weapon can´t be upgraded too.

Please note “the last 12 hours” from when this was posted was overnight in our timezone – our team does need to take time to rest and sleep, so we are not always available in the forums or to share updates 24/7.

That said, we have this flagged this as a critical issue since it is progression blocking and are working with the dev team on a hotfix so that it can be resolved as soon as possible, ahead of our next weekly update. We will let players know when that hotfix is ready to go.


Thanks! :smiley:

First of all thank you for your fast respond.

But if this “Critical blocking progression” i can feel it will be fix next update its like telling us skip valtan this week?

Do we get 2x valtan next week if you guys dont fix it with in this week? or it is what it is move on forget this week?


same probleme need fix asap because we are all stuck to push to Valtan

Did you not read? How will it make you skip Valtan if its going to be fixed before the weekly update?

did u read my comment? i said if they cant fix it with in this week will we get 2x valtan next week so if they dint fix it will u give us 2x valtan next week?

I just want to say that it’s also bug from +16 to +17 but it appears to be working from +17 to +18

same for me lock at +15 snif

How can you even confirm that? How did you get past +15 in the first place

i dout u can go +17 to 18 but maybe u are an exception or mybe bless coz everyone use express pass i assume it doesnt matter if it is +15 16 17 18 19 20 wont go the only thing that is going is +0 to +15 and thats it.

Example i have +17 i cant go +18 100% sure about that

but if ur +12 or +13 or +14 u can go up until +15

Im just gonna throw a wild idea out there. Maybe… just maybe, they had a piece at 16 before the patch.