While New World has a Summer Event... Lost Ark has delays... Thanks AGS

Not just on Steam, but also the in-game SUMMER MEDLEYFAIRE event in the upcoming release.

Hope something will arrive in Lost Ark during North Hemisphere Summer.

PS: I live in South America, we’re in the Winter here, but since no company care about it when distributing games in our region and force us to “celebrate” Winter during our Summer and Summer during our Winter. At least a Summer Event during our Winter would be appreciated.

Stop being a baby and wait lmao.

We are finally getting our June Update at least next week. More event will always come in the weeks after.

Act like a noob get smacked like a noob


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As long as they release Arcana on time I would be happy. (lowered expectations :sweat_smile:

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You do realize that release dates in Lost Ark have nothing to do with AGS right?

Thanks for this promise Sir. Are you a new CM reporting things weeks ahead?

How do you realize that? Are you working with AGS/SG?

hahahaa That’s the mindset. I, sadly, agree.

Uhhhhhh… no. I’m not. But AGS is not the developer.


Didn’t expect you to be this down bad.

You are truly a baby from the poor south Americas.

You don’t deserve to be entitled to anything


Oh! Sorry, should I ask next time to be entitled?

I guess you can’t comprehend and read your own writing.

Or are you just google translating things into english :^).

Ill outline things for you … " wah wah i want summer events/ winter event, wah wah i want it to match my season and who cares for other servers"

The looneyness

Yup. Any problem with this?

We dont need a summer event/skins.

We need classes and base game content.

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We’ll have a summer event next week, when the June Update releases.


OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Thank yooooou!!!

Who the Heck cares about NW? stop bringing that ugly game to this forum pls