While there is maintenance take a minute to leave a review on steam

It is the best and most effective way to show what you think about the state of the game and the decisions being made by ags/sgr


Just did. Unfortunately had to leave a negative remark due to drip feeding classes.


If going into mixed reviews doesn’t prompt them to change course, nothing will.

The game already has mixed recent reviews and overall reviews is not that far off.

Having mixed recent and mixed overall reviews is basically the kiss of death to an mmo, completely killing any hopes of getting any new players.

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Gotcha, left a positive review. Thanks for reminding me!


I feel like this forum is full of bots stuck in a timeloop or something…

How do you mean?

I’ve seen that near-exact same string of comments like 2-3 times now. :x

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Probably because I typed the kind of same response in threads of people asking to review bomb the game because their poor poor feelings are hurt.


I’m aware of the names I’ve read; it’s definitely more than just you. But yes, there are a few recurring guests…

Or we exist in a simulated reality, which in turn means we are all bots :open_mouth:

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Could say the same about people making the same threads asking everyone to negatively review bot the game…

Literally will do nothing but deter new players from playing the game…even though the game is all around a solid play.

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I did indeed already quote the OP in my original comment.


if I’m asking people to leave a review, it’s not like you can write it in 40 different ways.
Because this is something that interests me I am also active in topics that have more visibility than mine.
It seems to me that you are also writing in different threads on the same topic, so what?

My initial comment was just an observation. If I aimed to turn it into an argument, it would probably relate to not needing so many threads on the topic.

To make my stance clear, I have already left a negative review…| just don’t think more threads will help. Having a single one to encourage steam reviews is just fine, of course (in my opinion.) After the first one was delisted silently, a second one made sense.

my topic and this one Now more than ever, your review matters on Steam were created at the same time, it happens.
What I did is precisely to reply in the most popular topic instead of upping mine.

Hm…true, they are both 3 hours old. I didn’t see your thread when the other was out, but it’s close enough that I can’t really blame you.

ok Karen i will leave a negative review on yelp too if that helps?
I will call Smilegate hq and speak to the manager lets really show them!!! HAHAH

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I did not ask this.
During maintenance I suggest you improve your text comprehension skills, and later if you have time left, to write a review on steam.

This game is awesome. Done