While there is maintenance take a minute to leave a review on steam

The game is fine, asking people to do bad reviews lmao


another very smart individual that can’t read, you are only making me a favor upping this post

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Where did he ask for bad review :thinking:


some people just see what they want to see

thanks for the reminder. left a positive one.

You know why he create this thread, good reviews? on this forum? come on guys kekw

Sometime it’s hard to read. :clap:

I gave a good review because I want to rebel against the bad opinions / review .

or maybe because you work for AGS


no. because fan boys will always protect their beloved game. no matter what

Wow as the bots went rampant everywhere rmt and cheats … where was the review bombing ? … There we should have clearly statet, if they want protect their fake 800k players and rmt who maybe spent for them again, that the rest of the costumer will not tolerate that and go for bad reviews.
So i kind of feel bad to write now one where they actually do sth against bots .p would be pretty stupid. Maybe when the bots are all back

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Write whatever you want guys, it’s not like they gonna change anything because of this.

so tomorrow? :stuck_out_tongue:

It will not necessarily change anything, however, it is the best place to show appreciation or disappointment with the game.

Agree, certainly a good way to tell new players what experience they could expect in this game from the reviewer perspective.

Thanks for reminding me. Positive review for the over thousand hours of fun I’ve had playing this game. Look forward to thousand hours more.

Absolutely that’s what you should do. I’m not sure why you feel like anyone would want to stop you from leaving a game you don’t like.

Yes go leave a review of what you feel.

Didn’t get your class? Leave a bad review.

Wanted more skins but yoz jar doesn’t count? Leave a bad review.

Game is releasing content too fast? Leave a bad review.

Don’t like AGS and think another company would do better? Leave a bad review.

You know what majority of people who does all this have in common?


If you don’t like the game and are giving it a bad review but still contributing to the player numbers YOU are the problem because you are helping it gain more attention by STILL supporting the “bad” behavior.

What a joke! Make up y’all goddamn mind!

Must have Borderline personality disorder or something.

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Thanks. I left a positive review.
For real, asking others to leave a negative review because you dont like something is kinda pathetic.

I’ve been enjoying it myself for a few hours now.
update up

are you the 3rd brother?

I have certainly left a review today and its got a few likes so far so I guess some are agreeing to what I think.

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