Who cares about the nerf, change MVP

MVP is unbalanced and trash.
It doesn’t serve any useful purpose for anybody else besides the one person.
Why couldn’t it just be a DPS or performance meter for everybody?
It doesn’t even have to display for everyone, it could be for each individual’s screen.

Specific classes are always going to outshine the rest according to what is tracked.
Assassin and Gunner classes typically have the most Damage Dealt because it’s what they do.
Paladins have a widespread like Party Recovery whlist Damage Dealt and Enemies killed so they are prioritized in MVP often because of all that contribution in consideration.
Sorcerers being top AoE are often MVP in Chaos Dungeons.
Whereas Gunlancer is not credited for Shields, or Counters, or even Taunts.
Stagger happens more rarely and is a chance occurrence.

Despite all else, someone with higher iLvl can easily dominate the activity and it’s no surprise they’re Damage Dealt is 50%+.

The game is clearly keeping record of all the numbers, what is the reason it can’t be revealed?
Even in a competitive stand point, it would be easier to compare when having the statistical information to share.
MVP actually sucks ass.

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wäääh did baby not get mvp?

you can get mvp on any class because it actually tracks the staggers, the battle items etc
the counters the amor breaks

if you cannot contribute to any of those due to your lack of understanding of those basic mechanics … guess what

you dont deserve MVP

P.s and a small secret for you the highest dmg output in the game is probably a full perfected upgraded ignite sorc in the abelshrud HM raid that plays perfectly with their group around the dmg buffs

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It’s not about being MVP, it’s about combat tracking. People will probably find third-party programs to do this for them, it might as well be in the game since it is.


Well the paladin always got the mvp no matter if you did the 40% of the dmg

He will always win for the team “recovery” and he always get it like the 60% at the least

It’s better if they change the mvp and show you like a tab with the numbers and a bar with diferrent tabs, like the dmg dealth, dmg recieved, shields/heals/buff and stagger dealth like in every game like Gw2 or lol

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A sneaky attempt at asking for DPS meter

well… if you play like it is intended there wont be so much to heal up since u can almost always dodge everything … so paladin and bard will only be on top if the group is trash and taking avoidable dmg

Every random i get is trash, everyone gets hit with the most telegraph attacks i don’t imagine how they pass dark souls or mhw

The paladin still bad but he just spams shields and heals, no matter if i dodge and do 2-4million of damage per skill, only get hit with the stupid unavoidable aoe attacks like igrexion recover stomp you will still get hit

The paladin or bard always will get the mvp no matter if they died