Who designed this awful chat filtering?

Can you guys PLEASE remove this stupid message filtering that prevents us from typing 100% benign sentences for seemingly no reason? Seriously, go try to use “1340” and “1370” in the same sentence and watch your message vanish into thin air when you press enter, only to be told it’s “inappropriate”.

It’s almost as if they don’t want us talking about the worst ilvl range in the game…

I also have an issue when I try to announce what channel a boss is in, example “maneth ch1” it will be blocked.
I am pretty sure it’s a result of them trying to block the chat bots, but it affects us more than it obviously affects the bots lol

I don’t see why there has to be a chat filter at all in a M rated game…pretty much all of us are adults and don’t need parenting through AGS.

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I honestly believe that nothing should ever be censored or filtered, under any circumstances. But over the years, I’ve accepted that I have to compromise in most online games to a certain extent. But this level of censorship is not only oppressive, it’s downright absurd. If your code monkeys(emphasis on monkeys here) can’t come up with a better system, then you should probably scrap the idea altogether.

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Hi all, just wanted to post here the most recent communication from Roxx regarding the chat filters.

We got this much, but in your ability to combat the bots, you are also disabling users from being able to communicate basic requirements for a game that heavily revolves around ilvl. I’m pretty sure you can target bots better since they spam wall of texts and normally use links to advertise their sites, ideally just targeting any URLS or similar keywords being pasted for now would be better than completely disabling the ability for regular players to communicate basic iLVL requirements.

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