Who do you think is getting the short straw

Mecha isn’t going to get any free shit.
So either summoner or reaper will get all.

If we assume that they will boost the unpopular class then reaper gets everything.

So this means that summoner that was in the beta will return dead last without anything.

Btw I’m not reaper affiliated. Just my thoughts.


The unpopular one is obviously summoner.

The whole class got shafted on release for no reason.

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Is summoner not a good class compared to others?

I kinda wanted to make one and come back to the game, along with aeromancer

It’s simply unpopular since Igniter Sorc exists and her effects are flashier.


They were extremely unpopular before the patch because sorcs did what they did but in a flashier more fun way for alot of koreans. There’s also the problem that summoner was a launch class for them so they’ve had their summoners for literally years and when Aeromancer came out they actually lost population because of the number of people who deleted their summoners to make room for Aeromancers.

Post patch they they are quite good tho. They pulled back some of the more broken changes that went through but from what I’ve heard they are still pretty great.

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Indeed, Summoner was an half assed mage, when a real magician appeared, there was no need for her.

Devs need to rework the summoner into a “Real” summoner, like those from Lineage 2 as example.

It will become fotm popular because when it’s announced everyone will start spamming how overpowered it is from the KR patch where it could single handedly solo destruction break the turtle while also being top DPS

The new Summoner changes in KR before the nerf made her have a higher dmg ceiling than Sorc

Reaper is popular beacuse it’s edgelord booba assassin

But Summoner rework is like op broken booba

their release choices so far have had no logic or thought behind it so far so they could literally do anything next, could even be no more classes this year.

Seems about right. Since every other class gets the passes you are correct. But saying that reaper is unpopular… LOL that’s a funny one. I’m kinda glad all the crying on the forums for machinist happened so that a real class can get the pass and actually be useful rather then waste it on an alt toon

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This is AGS/SG deciding on next class like people be here thinking they are legitimately actually putting thought into class cadence and release order.

The next class release will be a “less popular” class and will have a power pass, express pass, booba poster mailed directly to you and tickets to Disney land. This way they can say we’re all just complainers.

The class after that will be a “more popular” class and will have 1 single kick in the shin to you delivered by an angry 4 year old with steel toed boots.

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Summoner was trash tier in terms of popularity. Statistically it was the only class KR people deleted in order to make room for the weather girl class. But right after that the class got buffs and new skill effects. Right now I think people would want Summoner more than Reaper in the west.

It’s actually very good class now and the spell effects got upgraded as well along with buffs.

This 8s supposed to be a war thread for reapers and summoners to face off.

Uhm reaper has always been top 10 most popular classes in KR, while Scouter, Arcana, Destroyer, Summoner are bare bottom of unpopular classes. (Scouter is extremely unpopular as a main, however there’s fair number of alts)

Why care about the powerpas when the current state of the game is so bad even when you get the powerpass many player would have left leaving a small pool of players. The Gold to crystal economy is doomed, price of many thing are inflated to the moon.

Even you get the pass you wont be able to enjoy the class properly.

That’s a fair point, although personally I don’t really mind that much and it will be really fun looking at all those new “reaper mains” dying within the first 4 bars on a legion raid until people get used to the new class. kekw