Who ever gave the decision to unlock locked servers needs to find another job

The queue was acceptable and some servers didn’t have queues in dead times, and we thought the issue of massive queues will happen into the newly launched servers, but unlocking the already locked servers is too much.

You basically screwed old and new servers, and now you are begging all of us to redo all of our progress in new servers after fragmenting EU region. I know and you know Lost Ark doesn’t have server/region transfer service even in KR it is being under test now, so why did you open the gate to flood everything?

Was it worth it to you to screw everything and both of us waiting for SG to patch the client with an extra tab for EU west and east and start rearranging servers accordingly?


They need to delist the game until they upgrade their infrastructure.

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I agree. As far as I know they have opened servers 2 times at least. we have gone from 10-12k queue, to 15k, and now 20-25k. This is shameful and unacceptable.

Rising queue times are also in part because of people not quiting and instead using macros so they aren’t dced from server when they are afk.