Who ever is in charge of the forums needs to be fired

So a few days ago i posted numbers for 2weeks of running chaos dungeons. And how the drop rates are not correct. We EU and NA are getting screwed. I had the numbers and explained everything.
At the same time i sent a support ticket to ASG.
After i posted this ASG deletes the post. Doesn’t say anything just dose it. So i posted it again. Then they delete the post and ban me for a week from the forums. The reason on the little box said i was causing decent among the community.

So it looks like to me i was 100% correct and ASG was not happy i pointed it out. This type of behavior from ASG on here is extremely bad.
Please get it together ASG.


if you look at the current list of moderators, and sort by “seen”, you can see just how many of them went totally MIA.

EDIT: My take is that AGS manpower is severely lacking at the rate complaints and issues are submitted into the forums.

who knows if your situation was even properly addressed with intent to solve in the first place.
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Fun fact: Theres no1 in Charge

Omg it’s even worse then i thought. Thanks for pointing this out.i did talk to support and they have been talking to me about it. I dont think there’s anything legally i can do but I’m going to look at the laws. Since I’m still a US citizen i can sue them. But again not sure if there is any law that I can use.

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